EPISODE 011: Daily Merch Drive: Early Reviewer Program, Incentivizing VA’s

JUNE 8, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: FBA Early Reviewer Program Results, Incentivizing VA, Tshirt that snuck by reviewers and more…

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03:07 Update on our FBA business
03:31 Early Reviewer Program launched by Amazon
05:59 Loans by Amazon
08:22 Kevin’s story: his trip to Ph
10:22 Update on Merch sales
11:16 Working with the outsourced employees / giving declining bonus
14:21 Submitting a shirt with a trademarked word
17:34 The submission reviewing process
18:27 Staying away from certain words for shirts
21:02 Strategy in handling VAs
21:31 Trademarking a best-selling shirt
22:55 Pros and cons of partnering with a designer
26:21 Starting up with Merch

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