EPISODE 007: Daily Merch Drive: Kevin’s Gone Missing, Dad Weighs In

JUNE 1ST, 2017: Featuring Enzo Busciglio (Dad): Kevin Levonas is a no show, paying fiverr for design ideas, FBA inventory, Dad’s old school design ideas and more…

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00:45 Today’s special guest is Anthony’s dad
01:15 Reason for Mr. Busciglio’s presence on the drive and Kevin’s absence
03:57 Our FBA business and Merch
04:13 Merch status
05:39 Designer strategy
07:00 Picking profitable niches
07:45 FBA update
09:30 New shirt ideas
12:52 “Viral trends would be quickly trademarked and their marketability is only for a season”
13:51 Keyword research for finding good niches

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