EPISODE 004: Daily Merch Drive: Watch This If You Outsource Designs!

MAY 26th, 2017: Daily Merch Drive: Getting your designers to cite the source of the designs (we found 20 violations), which colors sell the best, tiering up, submitting on the holiday weekend and more…

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00:57 Sales update: sales average
01:13 FB Merch groups
01:24 Marketability of shirts by color
02:54 Merch: Design concerns
05:29 Entrepreneur tip: playing offence and defense
06:08 Compliance issues
07:01 Merch: getting sources cited for designs
09:34 Memorial Day weekend
09:53 Merch accounts should constantly submit designs
11:13 Update on submissions and sales figures
11:26 The pattern of account tier-ups
12:41 Anthony and Kevin’s goal: get to 6000 tier this holiday season
13:49 Merch: meetings for shirt ideas

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