EPISODE 001: Daily Merch Drive: Dealing With Copycats & Suspensions

MAY 16th 2017 – In this FB live video, we discussed Amazon taking action to get rid of the copycats and their new “30 day” suspension rule.

We also discussed getting designs cheaper and the use of Amazon Marketing Services.

Watch the full video here – https://callcenterbs.com/

Skip the fluff:

1:10 Sales update: record Merch sales
1:46 Merch: keyword research
2:36 Scope tool for keywords
5:34 Using AMS
6:14 Best selling shirt figures / sales update
6:46 Kevin’s financial model
9:24 Headline ads and sponsored ads
9:46 Replicating our best selling shirt
12:09 Merch strategies
13:06 Merch tip: good design doesn’t always mean good sales
15:17 Merch tip: to constantly tier up
16:45 Explaining sponsored ads
20:11 Chris Green
20:56 Merch as a really good opportunity

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